Sheik: Homeland Security Needs Cops.

Matthew X profrv at
Sun May 16 03:40:20 PDT 1999

"this past spring the Bush Administration cut by 93 percent the funds 
requested by the Energy Department to bolster security for nuclear weapons 
and waste; it denied completely the funds requested by the Army Corps of 
Engineers for guarding 200 reservoirs, dams, and canals, leaving fourteen 
large public-works projects with no budget for protection. A recommendation 
by the American Association of Port Authorities that the nation spend a 
total of $700 million to inspect and control ship cargo (today less than 
two percent of container traffic is inspected) has so far resulted in 
grants of just $92 million."
A top norte americano security geek thinks most US companies are run by 
sexually repressed men like robert Hanssen who can be easily compromised,SEE...
Our next planejacking on a commercial may need more people esp caucs and 
shaped charges.
The americans have extremely short and permanently ductile appendages effendi.

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