Raise the Fist on the battle of Baltimore.

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Fri May 14 13:30:14 PDT 1999

Aug 24th - Approximately 300 to 400 White Power and Neo-Nazi demonstrators 
assembled today at the west face of the U.S. Capitol. Under heavy police 
protection the group espoused both hate chants and and chants that some may 
interpret as being solidarity with the plight of the Palestinians. Critics 
call the National Alliance's claim of solidarity is not simple 
Anti-Zionism, and opposition to the actions of the U.S.-supported Israeli 
regime, but a mask for hatred of Jews. One onlooker commented on the 
Neo-Nazis "support" for Palestinians, "They'll turn on them later."
However, this demonstration did not go unnoticed. Countering the right-wing 
groups' presence was an assembly of self-declared anarchist, socialist, 
pro-global justice, and anti-hate demonstrators. Some affinity groups 
reportedly engaged in actions meant to thwart the white supremacists from 
even gathering, and then later to impede their march to the Capitol. They 
gathered in just as strong, if not stronger, numbers and faced-off against 
the demonstrators in what seemed to be a stalemate of barricade rattling, 
taunting and banner waving. The only difference being that the 
counter-demonstrators garnered beeps of support from passing traffic.
There were several encounters between the counter-demonstrators and the 
various police agencies today as well. More details and eyewitness reports 
will be coming in the next several hours. We welcome your contribution to 
the newswire as well.

Earlier this morning, 35-40 Baltimore anti-fascism activists were detained. 
The National Alliance (NA) gathered at Union Station parking lot and 
marched to the Capitol grounds where they had their rally. Crowd-control 
boxing-in tactics were used by the police. According to an alleged NA 
member, the rally was successful because they were not shut down by 
anti-fascists. There were arrests and a few incidents of "violence" during 
the day.
One protestor has already been released. After the rally at Union Station, 
there was an incident where a Nazi supporter driving a truck did a hail 
hitler salute thing to a crowd of peeps waiting, and they went up to tell 
him shut it and whatever; one guy kicked the car casually. Another guy was 
laying down on the curb afterwards and his foot may have been run over. The 
cops pepper sprayed and the truck drove away unscratched. END
That last pic looks like a P.I.Gs on a Harley.

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