Another FBI lie?

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Thu May 13 05:56:36 PDT 1999
Father denies FBI charges against Saud
By a Staff Writer
JEDDAH, 24 August — Abdul Aziz Al-Rasheed has denied his son Saud had ties 
with the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 terror attacks as alleged by the US 
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
"Everyone knows that Saud is innocent and that the information published 
(by the FBI) is baseless," Abdul Aziz told Al-Yaum newspaper yesterday.
Look at him,he's just a boy!
The FBI has said that it was not sure whether Saud was involved in the 
Sept. 11 attacks. "Security authorities are not sure whether Saud had any 
role in the Sept. 11 attacks," Saudi daily Al-Watan quoted the FBI deputy 
director as saying. However, he said FBI agents wanted to question the 
Saudi youth.
The FBI on Tuesday released a passport photo of Saud Al-Rasheed and said it 
considered him armed and dangerous.
The bureau is seeking Saud following the Sept. 11 investigation. The 
investigation revealed that Saud bore a Saudi passport No. C161433, issued 
in Riyadh in May 2000. Saud is the 15th person sought in connection with 
the attacks.
According to Al-Hayat newspaper, there are six Saudis with the name of Saud 
Abdul Aziz Al-Rasheed.
One of them arrived at King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh on 
Thursday from Cairo, but his passport number was different from the one 
given in the FBI report.
The Arabic daily said it believed the passport might have been forged, if 
there was no error in transferring information.
According to a Council of American Islamic Relations study more than half 
of the seven million Muslims living in the US have been victim of 
discrimination after the Sept.11 attacks.

In a genuine democracy, the rights of even a minority of one are sacred and 
cannot be violated with impunity.
— V K Narasimhan.

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