Authenticating computer code cryptographically

Matthew X profrv at
Thu May 13 05:05:58 PDT 1999
"...In June this year Microsoft announced plans to develop more secure 
personal computers with the help of hardware manufacturers.
The company has spent US$100m on developing the project, which involves 
authenticating computer code cryptographically. The plans have stirred 
controversy among some computer experts who fear users Microsoft would be 
given greater control over home PCs."END.
It's already lost one anti-trust lawsuit,to lose 2 might appear to look 
like carelessness.MS must be absolutely desperate.I wish someone would hack 
me soon,I cant wait to smash all my windows.Hey! According to this 'poll' 
85% think copyright ,(and associated poitics) either suck or is D E A D,dead.

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