Net Censorship.

Matthew X profrv at
Wed May 12 04:41:56 PDT 1999

Portland Indy Censors Professor. (english)
profrv@(nospam) 8:54pm Thu Aug 22 '02

A call to arms by a militant APster warrior and professor was pulled off 
the Portland IMC.
Is repression so bad now we have to censor ourselves?

Now as a comment...Why pull me off?
by pr 8:48pm Thu Aug 22 '02

If what I said was illeagal then so is spread betting,free market 
capitalism and the freaking internet.
 >>Subject: Presidential in Portland.

by profrv@(nospam) 6:38pm Thu Aug 22 '02

And the next one and the next till they get the message...that you can fuck 
with some of the people some of the time but the day you try to fuck with 
all of the people all of the time is the day you wind up in a body bag or a 
pine box.Am I going to wack the shrub out? Physically that presents some 
problems as I live in au,however I will pledge to pay into a pooled fund 
that may be payed to the closest prediction of the permanent retirement of 
the shrub.Kinda like and,yes,APster or 'assassination 
politics.(my 2$)

"Who wants to participate to help form what will be the LAST revolution on 
earth, the one that'll take down ALL the governments? James Dalton Bell."<<
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