Blame India.

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Tue May 11 08:49:46 PDT 1999

Management studies originated in India: Joshi

NEW DELHI: Claims about India being the crucible of the most ancient 
civilisation, the originator of mathematics, rockets and missiles are passe.
To the long list of ideas and inventions claimed to have originated here, 
the latest is the concept of management education.
HRD minister M M Joshi said on Wednesday that management education 
originated here. He strongly refuted the view that it was a concept from 
the West that came to India. It was the other way round, he said at the PHD 
Chamber of Commerce and Industry here.
Joshi discarded the Western concept, saying it was restricted to corporate 
management alone with profit as the motive. He did not contrast it with the 
Indian concept, but said the latter ought to cover the entire spectrum of 
life and society with ethical values.
''Value education and value management would alone lead to a value 
society,'' he told a conference on ''Indian Management Education: Vision 

He asked the captains of industry who were following alien concepts to 
ponder on why they had not yielded the desired results. Company managements 
and management institutes in India must keep in touch with ground realities.
It was time they realised that ''striving for excellence and social good'' 
should be the motive in the Indian management system.
NRIs help unseat US lawmaker

WASHINGTON: The Jewish lobby is credited for Cynthia McKinney's defeat. But 
an Indian-American group, which co-wrote the script for this Georgia 
election, is happy with just a footnote on its role.
[ 10:15 pm Wednesday, Aug 21, 2002, TIMES NEWS NETWORK ]
Georgia masala,at least the good ol boys from the bad old days also got BARRed.

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