Ann Thrax attack at the new york times.

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Tue May 11 07:21:13 PDT 1999

Ann "Thrax" Coulter's interview with the New York Observer's George Gurly, 
in which she voiced regret that journalists at the NY Times have not been 
murdered by terrorists.
In that interview, Thrax defends her rhetoric this way:
"I know when I'm baiting them, it's so easy to bait them and they always 
bite. That is my signature style, to start with the wild, bald, McCarthyite 
overstatements -- seemingly --and then back it up with methodical and 
laborious research."
True to form as liberals, we and others have bitten, responding with 
outrage and nausea to Thrax's expression of support for the the murder of 
journalists. (Or what reader John Feer has affectionately called her 
"girlish homicidal dementia.")
So now that the liberals are sufficiently baited, it's time to move on to 
Phase Two of Thrax's special game.  And we're extremely curious as to what 
her "methodical and laborious research" will yield here, as well as how she 
might use it to "back up" the idea that it's regrettable those working for 
the New York Times have not been killed by terrorists.
We can't wait to hear Thrax's follow-up.
In the meantime, why not help Ann "Thrax" Coulter methodically and 
laboriously research her argument?
Readers:  Send us examples of those historical figures whom top 
conservative thinkers like Thrax would like terrorists to emulate - those 
who have used extreme violence against journalists as an effective means of 
eliminating their viewpoints.  Perhaps Thrax can then rely on some of your 
research to "back up" her view that it's regrettable the same has not 
happened to those journalists who work for the New York Times.
As we also noted earlier, Ann Coulter is recommended/linked by's 
Mickey Kaus.  Another prominent conservative Mickey promotes and provides a 
permanent link is Lucianne Goldberg.
Today's "Quote of the Day" at
Quote of the day:

"My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times 

-Ann Coulter in an interview with the New York Observer.
Also from 'atticus.' MWO.
"...Coulter, and the others on this list of pundits, would no doubt 
strenuously deny this argument, but replace the word 'liberals' or 'the 
left' in their writings with the word 'Jew or Jews,' and what kind of 
invective does this speech begin to resemble? Coulter et. al are quick to 
accuse their caricatured 'Left' of 'hate,' but I think what we now can see 
is that this clique of rightists have gone from creating the caricature to 
attack to believing the caricature to be real.
In this sense, I think there is a real parallel to developments on the 
right in the US and disturbing tendencies in many countries prior to bouts 
of extreme violence and ethnic cleansing that is no longer rooted in 
politics. It is rooted, rather, in the irrational identification of a 
caricatured class of hated people with ones real fellow citizens. As we 
know, in the US, Germany, Italy, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Cambodia, all of 
Eastern Europe and the former USSR, in France, and even in England, the 
widespread belief in a caricatured evil doer (the 'Negro,' the 'Jew', the 
'Communist', the 'Kulak') can quickly, and very unexpectedly, translate 
into widespread violence and socially sanctioned murder.
It's a very bad fire to play with. I remember hearing two songs by Peter 
Gabriel in 1980 that really made me think. One, of course, was 'Biko,' the 
song Gabriel wrote to commemorate the murder of Steve Biko in Port 
Elizabeth, South Africa in 1977. The other was 'Games without Frontiers,' 
particularly the line:
Adolph builds a bonfire and Enrico plays with it.
I think the meaning is pretty clear, and that's the bonfire with which the 
pundits on your list are playing. They may like their monkey games now, but 
will they enjoy the fruits of the barbecue so well?
Best regards as always,
Atticus Finch

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