Breathless in Borneo.

Matthew X profrv at
Tue May 11 06:28:52 PDT 1999

While you pussies bicker over copyrights and patents...FIRES in Indonesia 
have begun to make their presence felt in neighbouring countries.
In Malaysia, a thick haze has disrupted internal air services and forced 
flight cancellations in Malaysia's Sarawak state on Borneo island, an 
airport official said yesterday.,1870,138116,00.html
'The burning in Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia causes us to be hit by 
the haze.'
In 1997 and 1998, choking haze caused by forest fires in Indonesia 
enveloped parts of South-east Asia for months.
It caused serious health problems and traffic hazards, as well as 
disrupting airline schedules.
The haze then caused an estimated US$9.3 billion (S$16.3 billion) in losses 
to regional economies. SEE ALSO (if your old and nearly dead anyway.)
A vision of dystopia
This is for real, not the sequel to a sci-fi thriller. The World Bank 
paints a picture of a catastrophic global future.
Special report: world summit 2002,6961,,00.html

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