I want my ZIA

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Tue May 11 05:04:09 PDT 1999

The technique, developed by Mark D. Corner and Brian D. Noble of the 
University of Michigan College of Engineering, is dubbed Zero-Interaction 
Authentication, or ZIA. It requires two pieces of hardware: the laptop and 
a so-called authentication token that communicates with the computer via a 
wireless link. As long as the token, which can be built into a wearable 
accessory such as a watch, is within range of the computer, the computer's 
systems function normally. But once the computer is separated from the 
token, its files automatically become encrypted. "When a user walks away 
from his laptop to get a cup of coffee, it will sense that he is leaving 
and begin securing the computer," 

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