Shrubs political and psychological defeat.

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Mon May 10 07:16:54 PDT 1999

Well barr's barred...there may be a god...Washington Retreating on Iraq Aug 19
The Bush administration has begun to back down from plans for a near-term 
attack on Iraq. The controversial plan was shredding the coalition against 
al Qaeda, which Washington needs in battling the group. But the Bush 
administration's retreat from Iraq, although necessary, forces it to manage 
a political and psychological defeat.
RR,don't go there,girlfriend.
crypto revisionism
Since 1974 much has been written about the cryptographic success achieved 
at Bletchley Park, and dozens of participants and historians have given 
their version of what was accomplished. Bennett includes separate short 
entries for GCCS, GCHQ, Enigma, Bletchley Park and ULTRA, longer ones for 
Alan Turing, Sir Edward Travis, Alistair [sic] Denniston, and a four page 
summary under 'United Kingdom'. Evidently the author rightly considers 
Britain's cryptographic effort to be of some significance, yet his very 
confused account seriously misdefines some common terms, and consistently 
refers to the Enigma machine in capitals, as though Enigma is itself a 
Much the same can be said for Bennett's treatment of VENONA, which is 
seriously flawed. Suffice to say that his assertion that the Army Security 
Agency began work on the Soviet intercepts in 1943 is somewhat wide of the mark

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