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Mon May 10 04:55:00 PDT 1999

Barr is Either In or Out After Today

Rep. Bob Barr faces his toughest political battle today in a primary 
election. Barr's facing another Republican incumbent every bit as 
conservative as he is. His opponent, Rep. John Linder. The two men are 
facing each other for their party's nomination in a new congressional 
district, drawn by Georgia's Democratic Legislature. The winner of today's 
primary is virtually assured of election in the fall. The loser will depart 
Congress at a time when his party, with only a six-vote House majority, is 
desperate to keep every seat. Barr has drawn ridicule for a $30 million 
lawsuit he filed against Bill Clinton, Democratic consultant James Carville 
and Hustler publisher Larry Flynt. The suit charged that they invaded his 
privacy, and it sought damages for emotional distress during Clinton's 
impeachment fight in which Barr was one of 13 House members who presented a 
case against Clinton. Linder says that ''adds to the chuckle factor'' of 
the race. A bigger chuckle though might be the fact that one of Barr's 
biggest supporters is Alzheimer's Poster Boy Charlton Heston, the actor and 
president of the National Rifle Association. Barr, a gun rights champion, 
was embarrassed when an antique pistol he was being shown at a fundraising 
event accidentally fired. No one was injured.On his behalf,I pr,should add
Barr has gone on record as moving to revoke the order prohibiting 
He would make a pretty good APster candidate.

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