Euro retention and Nidal stick injuries.

Matthew X profrv at
Sun May 9 23:19:39 PDT 1999

Draft Framework Decision on the retention of traffic data and on access to 
this data in connection with criminal investigations and prosecutions
Text of a leaked confidential draft 'framework decision' from Brussels 
(with impetus from Washington, naturally) that would compel telcos and ISPs 
to retain traffic data on personal communications for at least a year - the 
information would be held centrally and made available to all EU 
governments with few apparent safeguards against misuse ( Statewatch )
See also this analysis, this press release with links to additional 
background documents, this Guardian coverage, and this Slashdot discussion

Gun for hire who has already died at least twice
Commentary on the death in Baghdad of the notorious extremist and criminal 
Abu Nidal
( Robert Fisk via Independent )
See also this Guardian obituary

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