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Lawyers demand fair go for al-Qaeda pair
By Cynthia Banham
August 20 2002
The Australian Bar Association has accused the Federal Government of 
failing the two Australians held captive by the American military in 
Guantanamo Bay, and has called on it to support their rights to legal access.
The association's president, David Curtin, QC, said it was "entirely 
unsatisfactory" that Adelaide-born David Hicks and Sydney man Mamdouh Habib 
had been held for nine months without charge or access to lawyers.
"The Australian Government has failed them in not supporting their claim 
for access to legal advice," he said. "We strongly urge the 
Attorney-General and the Australian Government to ensure these detainees 
are treated fairly before the law."
Concern among the Australian legal fraternity is growing over the 
Government's refusal to lobby the US over treatment of the men.
The president of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, Simon Rice, said the 
group was considering complaining to the Human Rights Commission that 
Australia had breached its obligations under the International Covenant of 
Civil and Political Rights, which asserts a person's right to be detained 
only if they are charged and brought promptly before a court.

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