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Sun May 9 09:33:26 PDT 1999

Dute Case Postponed Till October

The trial of Jennifer Dute, a Cincinnati woman charged with pandering 
obscenity via her website has been postponed until October. The trial was 
supposed to have started today but was moved back due to scheduling 
conflicts. Dute and her husband Alan who tape swingers' parties were 
indicted by a Hamilton County grand jury this past April on four counts of 
pandering obscenity, charges that carry a maximum sentence of four years in 
prison. Their company, A&J Specialty, also was indicted on four counts of 
pandering obscenity and faces a maximum fine of $40,000.

The search warrant was served March 21. Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike 
Allen said the pair sold pornographic videos by mail "despite a court order 
prohibiting such sales to or from Hamilton County." Authorities said sales 
were made Feb. 11, March 4, March 7, and March 21. Officials said the Dutes 
pleaded guilty to similar charges three years ago.

Hank Rose posts the following on "Courtesy of porn media's 
Clark Gable lookalike, the mustachioed namesake of, 
the obscenity case news story involves one Jennifer Dute, an Ohio adult 
entrepreneur who was in the business of selling videos of her swinging 
escapades in a partnership with her husband. Arrested and out on bail, she 
is now confronted with a trial and 4 years in jail if convicted.

In a throwback to the Reagan years when the Mease Commission excused porn 
witch-hunting in the name of citizen's community values, small-time Dute 
was subject to a sting operation as if she were a high-profile kingpin in 
the sexual wilderness of Greater LA's porn valley. Her home and place of 
business was raided, capital goods confiscated and right to sexual free 
expression made a living hell.

Big wow. Dute will beat this in the short run. With a swingers group-sex 
home-video product amateurish by US West Coast and European standards, the 
trumped-up hassle will end with a swift acquittal. Throw in even a mediocre 
defense and no jury in the 50 states will give a guilty verdict the light 
of day. Not in a post-9/11 era where we worship sexual escapism while our 
terrorist enemies shroud their women under veils.

Aside from the scapegoats, it's nice to know that there are amateur porn 
swingers in this great land of ours who ply their trade unmolested by 
anti-lust lawmen. In my part-time role as a jizz-biz consultant, I tell 
ignorant people who have the misfortune of hailing from parts of the 
country with more cows than common sense to leave home and come west if 
they wish to turn their adult lifestyle into an XXX free speech living.

The Dute offender's X portal,, is still online as of this 
publication. Yet other interesting and colorful sites which market their 
erotic video wares free of governmental oppression include, 
featuring a homegirl with a taste for dark meat;, an adult web 
flea market run by a mature babe who caters to all kinky lusts; and, which speaks for itself.

For those who have the libido and the professional insight, a swinging 
lifestyle can lead to a fulfilling career in pro-am porn. But it can often 
jeopardize your rights, depending on where you live. There are simply parts 
of the US where hard mainstream adult material is not accepted and so 
swingers and amateurs are left to stick their necks out to fill a demand 
for which there is limited supply.
I find it somewhat ironic that back in the horny height of my swinger days, 
the hottest encounter I ever had was with a law enforcement lady who was a 
gung-ho officer by day and a dung-ho "orificee" by night. Try as they will, 
the conservatively sexless cannot unspoon an ocean of fuckian free speech 
with a sea of prudish prosecution. For today, obscenity has a new name -- 
religious terrorism -- and not sexual hedonism. 

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