Mrs Petrov - Set lasers to jab.

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Also in this rag,news that Mrs Petrov may have been more valuable than her 
husband as she was a cipher clerk with access to VENONA.

Jabs by laser free of pain
By JEN KELLY, medical reporter
A MELBOURNE firm has won worldwide patents for a laser device that could 
end the need for painful injections.
The tiny pain-free laser allows drugs to seep through the skin into the 
body in minutes without a needle. It means childhood vaccines now injected 
could be given painlessly with an adhesive strip similar to a nicotine 
patch in a few years.
Biotech company Norwood Abbey believes its device will revolutionise drug 
delivery worldwide.
The hand-held laser will initially be used to administer anaesthetics, but 
the company hopes to use it for vaccines and painkillers next. The laser 
removes the top layer of skin so any drug applied immediately afterwards by 
cream or patch penetrates the skin swiftly.
Norwood Abbey marketing director Bernie Romanin said the US drug agency was 
expected to approve the laser's use with a specific anaesthetic by the end 
of the year.
Applying anaesthetic to the skin usually takes an hour to work but after 
using the new laser then applying the anaesthetic cream, the skin is numb 
within five minutes.

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