Blueprints of Nimrods WRA4 nosecone now available on Bnet.

Matthew X profrv at
Sat May 8 02:55:30 PDT 1999

Soon...real soon.
THE pride of Britain, and Cheshire, has rolled out into the sunshine for 
its big debut.
The new generation Nimrod spy and attack plane was unveiled at Woodford, 
where 18 are being built for the Royal Air Force.
BAE Systems in Woodford is manufacturing the new Nimrods for the RAF as 
part of a contract worth £2.2 billion, awarded back in 1996.
The move has helped safeguard hundreds of jobs at the BAE sites at Woodford 
and at Chadderton, in Oldham.
The first of three test aircraft, which form part of the 18 Maritime 
Reconnaissance Attack (MRA)4 planes, was moved from a hangar for the first 
Its first flight is due to take place before the end of the year and the 
MRA4s will be delivered to the RAF between 2004 and 2007. The aircraft is 
best known for its search and rescue missions and has helped save 
entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson on several occasions.
It will also be used in anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface unit 
warfare as well as intelligence gathering.
The Nimrod MRA4 will have a completely new undercarriage to allow for the 
increase in maximum take-off weight, BMW/Rolls Royce BR-710 engines, as 
well as leading edge computers and weapon systems.
A spokesman for BAE Systems said: "The MRA4 aircraft is of national and 
international significance, and will fulfil the UK's maritime patrol, 
reconnaissance, intelligence and strike requirements well into the 21st 
"It is a very complex project and it's a tribute to the workforce that it 
is being built here."

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