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An International pattern of criminal deception?
Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.,
Private Detective/Body Guard, Writer and Jazz Musician (Tenor Sax)      The 
very existence of "Carnivore" poses a conundrum most profound. It was not 
long ago that FBI Director Louie Freeh sat before the Congress of these 
United States, lamenting the wide spread use of encryption on the 
Internetand specifically PGP.
According to Director Freeh, PGP - Pretty GoodPrivacy - made it possible 
for terrorist, criminals, pedophile and averitable garden salad of riff 
raff, to plot and plan the destruction of our "free state" with impunity.
According to Director Freeh, without the Congress mandating either the 
outlawing of PGP or the inclusion of a back-door into PGP and all other 
strong encryption - mandatory key escrow -doom would befall the American 
people without the FBI being able to protectus.
Now comes this same FBI with a device that will in effect be a 
permanentfull time wiretap on all Internet communications. *IF* Director 
Freeh's assertions were correct before Congress, Carnivore is useless for 
catching criminals, terrorist or pedophile, who according to Freeh all use 
unbreakable encryption. Thus, one must ask, who is Freeh actually after? 
Or, does Director Freeh know something that none of us are aware of? Has 
PGP already been cracked? Do they have access to real quantum computers? 
The very development of "Carnivore" makes no sense *IF* what Director Freeh 
testified to before the Congress was correct.
If on the other hand, Director Freeh was lying in his testimony before 
Congress, again we must ask why and to what end? *IF* PGP has already been 
compromised, what better way to give those using it a false sense of 
security than to have the Director of the FBI in essence give it a glowing 
endorsement? Yet, according to some of the brightest minds in the private 
sector, the assertions of Director Freeh were absolutely correct! PGP does 
in fact use unbreakable encryption.
Could it be as we've always suspected? The FBI is more interested in going 
after innocent citizens than it is in going after the real criminals? 
Carnivore is basically a tool that throws a wide net and filters everything 
from everybody. It violates the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. It 
violates due process - 5th and 6th Amendments - it is not only the camel's 
nose under the tent, it's sliding down the slippery slope and off the 
precipice and into the yawning chasm!
*IF* Carnivore is allowed to be activated, it will set a precedence there 
percussions of which will be lasting and damning! It has the potential to 
end our way of life. The internet is really the beginnings of a global 
telephone system. It is terrifying to those in power who feel the need to 
control populations via information deprivation. Want to know what's really 
happening in Kosovo? Log on and talk to somebody actually there. Did the US 
bomb a bio-warfare factory in Iraq? Or was it really a hospital? The major 
media gets it's news from White House press briefings with "B-Roll" from 
specially selected sites made available to them by the US military. Is this 
really *NEWS*??? No, the internet is a very frightening thing to those 
fearful of losing power.
"Carnivore" would be like having a permanent wire tap on your home 
telephone with a tape rolling at all times. Have you ever had a 
conversation over the phone with a friend wherein you spoke negatively of 
the President of the United States? Would you have said the same things if 
you knew the Secret Service was listening in? Have you ever had a 
conversation with a friend around April 15th and spoke negatively of the 
IRS? Maybe you referred to them as being "organized crime incarnate?" Did 
you fear being audited because you expressed a negative opinion? Would you 
have expressed the same feelings if you knew the person who could have you 
audited was listening in?
The very notion of "Freedom of Speech and expression," implies privacy. 
Without privacy the 1st Amendment becomes meaningless! What price safety? 
More and more cameras are going up in public and not so public places. The 
justification has always been the public safety. How a camera prevents 
someone from *committing* a crime is beyond me. There were cameras in the 
school in Columbine on that fateful day. The cameras recorded the carnage. 
They didn't stop it. They didn't even give law enforcement the needed 
information to move in quickly enough to prevent several persons from 
bleeding to death. Cameras like "Carnivore" only provide information useful 
*AFTER* the fact.
The simple truth is, nobody can live in the United States of America 
without breaking numerous laws everyday. You just don't realize you're 
breaking them. Farmers have lost their property because a "black footed 
gerbil" decided to take up residence in one of their fields. A federally 
protected species seems to take precedence over voting tax payers. From 
speeding to J-Walking, if you were fined or imprisoned each time you 
fractured a law, you'd be bankrupt in 60 days. Throw in the draconian 
conspiracy laws, and you could be arrested at anytime for almost anything. 
If you have too much cash on you, it can be confiscated under the drug laws 
without you ever being charged for any crime. You'll spend more in 
attorney's fees to get it back than it was worth in the beginning. Have too 
little cash on you and you can be arrested for vagrancy. What's the right 
amount of cash to carry? Well, that depends on your race and where you are.
To conclude, we need "Carnivore" like we need another hole in our heads! By 
the FBI's own admission, "Carnivore" is not going to catch criminals. This 
means if you're not a criminal, you soon will be.
Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.
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