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  GATES FOUNDATION BOMBSHELL! (sorry if reprinted)

Subject: GateScam Foundation [WAS: Window To The Duplicitous So ul] 
[WAS!WAS: Windows - These Colors Don't Run]
“I’m Stranger Here, Myself” — Part VI of The True Story Of The InterNet
Chapter 02C6: GateScam Foundation [WAS: Window To The Duplicitous Soul] 
[WAS!WAS: Windows – These Colors Don’t Run]
Anyone visiting the Gates Foundation Homepage 
( should be aware that all of the 
empathetic, high-sounding claims made by the foundation are belied by the 
actual facts surrounding the high-handed criminal misconduct participated 
in by the henchmen of Gate’s Money Cow, Microsoft—including the 
misrepresentation of evidence and perjury—in order to convict and imprison 
a disabled individual who was tried and convicted despite having been found 
incompetent in the only competency hearing held during the course of his trial.
While the defendant was suffering unconstitutional detention and torture, 
the Ninth Federal Circuit Court Judge, Federal Prosecutors, and the Public 
Defender forced upon the defendant against his will all had a good 
belly-laugh over the suggestion that the Richest Man In The World might be 
expected to stoop so low as to make an appearance in a trial where he was 
the purported victim.
The disabled defendant, forced to attend the farcical judicial proceedings 
under the threat of violence and being dragged to court in chains if he 
refused to appear, was not as amused as the officers of the court at the 
pointed message that status and privilege take precedence over the rule of 
law in the American InJu$tice $y$tem.
Anyone wanting to take a cold, hard look at the motives behind the 
spectacle of supposed humanity being portrayed by the Gates Foundation 
might begin by familiarizing themselves with the terms, ‘Eugenics’ and 
‘Manipulation of the Masses.’
As a disabled person who came close to dying at the hands of those I was 
delivered into by the unethical and criminal malfeasance participated in by 
Gates, Microsoft and the Ninth Circus Federal Court, I already understand 

'I "being the channeled spirit of fellow Cpunk and revolutionary APster 
martyr,CJ,If I take another deep breath of burning Yohimbe bark I can sense 
his addy...
TruthMonger #05987-196 <sog at> Something like that.Parental 
discretion advisary,ptrei discrecion heavily # 0417

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