AU Feds lucky to have PROMIS.

Matthew X profrv at
Thu May 6 21:17:15 PDT 1999

2000 probed for terrorism
MORE than 2000 Australians have been investigated for terrorism since the 
September 11 attacks in the US.	
Five people were banned from entering Australia because of terrorist or 
espionage links.
Federal Police received 26,000 pieces of information, including tip-offs 
about suspected terrorists.
The allegations came from the public, and Australian and overseas 
intelligence agencies.
A Federal Police anti-terrorism taskforce, codenamed Operation Drava, froze 
the assets of more than 200 people and companies believed linked to 
terrorist groups.
The Australian Council of Civil Liberties said Australians had to accept a 
higher level of investigations into suspected terrorists.,5478,4921847%255E662,00.html
Japs lucky to have 'long pig."
JAPANESE soldiers butchered Australian soldiers for food on the Kokoda 
Track, veterans have claimed.	
Sixty years after they fought on the infamous track, Australian veterans 
say cannibalism was common among enemy troops after their supply lines were 
In a Sky TV documentary to be aired today, one digger describes finding the 
body of an Australian sergeant with his heart and liver missing, and strips 
of flesh cut from the arms, legs and buttocks.

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