GM Free,cant give it away.

Matthew X profrv at
Thu May 6 20:59:30 PDT 1999

GM storm looms as consumers fight shy
'Rather than consumers' fears having been allayed during the three years of 
the trials, attitudes have if anything hardened. Supermarkets, after at 
first hedging their bets, have withdrawn GM products from their shelves and 
insisted that the entire supply chain, including animal feed, is GM free. 
Manufacturers and even restaurants find "GM free" is a selling point. The 
actions of Greenpeace and individuals who have pulled up crops to protect 
the countryside, and particularly organic crops, have attracted widespread 
public support and relatively little condemnation as acts of vandalism. 
Opponents argue that against this backdrop farmers would be mad to want to 
grow GM crops. Even if they escaped the vandals, where would their markets 
be?' ( Guardian )
See also this BBC article, this article by Amelia Bookstein, and this blog 
entry from Thursday
When will we be gwb free? 

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