WhatUp jya?

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Thu May 6 20:12:12 PDT 1999

TaRANTo>>The men behind that day's atrocities seek to use violence to 
impose on the world a totalitarian theocracy along the lines of Saudi 
Arabia or Taliban Afghanistan -- a regime in which infidels are executed, 
women are property, and most forms of fun are verboten.
Isn't that a lot scarier than nosy mailmen? <<

I thought they wanted to payback a smidgen all the US paid for hell 
unleashed on the Palistinian people.That and get US bases off their 
homeland.Who just released 50mill for madrasses,scientologist 
schools,satanic covens btw,whatever comes as long as its Faith based?
Who executes the most per head? China? The great satan?
Where are women treated like property? Letterman jokes about that every 
other night.
Remember no demands have been made by al Quida on 'the west.' 'cept maybe 
get out of our homelands.
A lot of the banning of 'fun' might have been a sensible precaution if you 
were about to take on a superpower,even if you had just beaten and helped 
destroy another.
Lets say for the sake of argument that the Taliban-al quida,somehow made 
the world a totalitarian theocracy.I doubt they would last very long 
somehow.Not that TIPs will I hope!
The US is the looming totalitarian menace,its also so 'under GOD',it is 
sickening.That's a lot scarier than hack journalists.Its not just the nosy 
mailman its also the roaming global death squads.The wsj has some good 
articles occasionlly jya and thanks for bringing them to us.This was not 
one of them,could have been written by anne thrax.FUCK TIPs to HELL!
The WTC was righteous hit,don't lose any sleep over it.With Apster those 
who planned and financed it will pay,not the US playing global maniac cop.

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