"People should be allowed to express their opinion"The Thief.

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Thu May 6 12:14:39 PDT 1999

Its their INALIENABLE human and civil right,you fucking MAJOR LEAGUE ASSHOLE!
Kill the president...please.
Tensions Surface in U.S.-Egyptian Relations
The Bush administration has announced that it is withholding further aid to 
Egypt. The move is highly unusual because Egypt is such an important Arab 
ally.Not so unusual when you examine the Sadat solution.(Jordan's king dick 
just abolished elections,isn't it all just going swimmingly while shrubs away?)
Opposition to a U.S. attack on Iraq is increasingly being voiced 
internationally and within Washington. Despite the divisions it is causing, 
the Bush administration is not abandoning its strategy because it sees a 
successful campaign against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein as a prime way to 
shatter the psychological advantage within the Islamist movement and 
demonstrate U.S. power.
The diplomatic and political walls began to close in on the Bush 
administration's Iraq policy last week. First, German Chancellor Gerhard 
Schroeder very publicly announced something Berlin had been saying 
privately for years: The German government wants no part in any invasion of 
Iraq. Then Republican House majority leader Dick Armey said he saw little 
justification for an Iraqi operation.
Schroeder's stance may be mainly a political ploy aimed at Germany's Sept. 
22 elections as he currently is trailing conservative challenger Edmund 
Stoiber, who has taken a more pro-U.S. military stance. But Washington must 
still take seriously the opposition to an Iraq campaign within the German 
government and populace. Germany is a key staging area for U.S. forces. 
There are pre-positioned equipment and forces based in the country that 
undoubtedly would be needed for any attack. Depending on the opposition, 
U.S. bases in Germany might not be available for use.
The statement from Armey also means that in addition to expected opposition 
from liberals, Bush could face the same from his own political base. At 
this point it seems there are very few outside the Bush administration who 
want an Iraq invasion, with the possible exception of the British 
government and Israel.And au.To our eternal shame in spite of our puppet 
leaders asslicking of arbusto that goes back to CIA sabotage and 
interferance leading to a coup in 75,when the present leader became 
treasurer,a position with implied leadership expectations attached.Dont 
blame the au people for the sick twists foisted on them by rogue terror 
states like the US.
Thats my opinion,sit on it and rotate shrub,you motherfucking WEED! GO DIE!
BEFORE we KILL YOU! To gain a psychological advantage you have to have half 
a fucking brain.

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