APster; absurdly inexpensive.

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Thu May 6 09:35:06 PDT 1999

The blossoming of the Internet and its universal adoption have reinforced a 
trend toward interdependence of the world's political, economic and social 
That increasing interdependence, however, becomes frightening when one 
considers that a next-generation cyber terrorist will likely not represent 
an aggressive world power.
In terms of present-day vulnerability, such a terrorist could simply be a 
lone fanatic wielding a laptop. And the damage could be staggering.
'Asymmetric Warfare'
A study by the Rand Corporation in the mid-1990s found that it would be 
absurdly inexpensive to embark upon a cyber war.
The military call it "asymmetric warfare," which means that the 
disadvantaged side must use unconventional weapons against the wealthier 
side if it is to have any chance of winning.
Any country that can scrape together the price of a computer manual and 
that has a basic understanding of information systems infrastructure can 
train and motivate a misguided "patriot."
Anonymous Warfare
Due to recent advances in "attack technology," cyber warfare can be waged 
remotely and anonymously. This approach would make it much harder to find 
an attacker than it is, for example, to root out Al Qaeda forces along the 
border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
"Because of the advances in attack technology , a single attacker can 
relatively easily employ a large number of distributed systems to launch 
devastating attacks against a single victim," according to a report by the 
Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), a major center for Internet 
security at Carnegie Mellon University.
"As the automation of deployment and the sophistication of attack tool 
management both increase, the asymmetric nature of the threat will continue 
to grow," the report said.
After calling a net scare alert that tanked the Fucking Bungling Imbeciles 
are asking for help...begging for help.
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