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If not quite insane...
Homeland Protection Pro mag won't take subs from just anyone
Michael Miner says the premise behind Homeland Protection Professional is 
that government agencies no longer can afford to disdain one another. 
Circulation is controlled for now, but if subscriptions are eventually 
offered, "we won't take (them) from everyone who sends in a check," says 
editor Scott Baltic, who launched the magazine this week. He also doesn't 
want terrorists getting ideas from his Web site, so stories won't be posted 
until the magazine can come up with an unbreakable pass code. "Am I being 
paranoid?" asks Baltic. "Yes, I'm probably being a little paranoid." PLUS: 
Miner on the Trib's Chicago mag buy: "Think of Chicago as the Chicago Cubs 
of city magazines: a local favorite gobbled up for reasons of synergy -- in 
this case all on the advertising end -- that will never be allowed to 
become embarrassingly bad or expensively good." (Chicago Reader)
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