The Oppressive Fraud at the Heart of Psychiatry

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Thu May 6 05:38:06 PDT 1999

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Below article highly critical of psychiatric system was FORWARDED with 
permission of author.
'I Was Told To Dope My Kid'
"A 12-year-old upstate boy says the trusted educators in his local school 
forced him to take a cocktail of drugs that turned him into a psychotic who 
heard voices in his head. The boy, Michael Mozer, plans to sue the school 
officials who went so far as to file a medical-neglect and child-abuse 
complaint against his mother with the state's Department of Children and 
Family Services after she stopped the medication. They even banned him from 
attending classes unless he was drugged and then accused his mother, 
Patricia Weathers, of educational neglect." [...]

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