Geektavists considered harmful.

Matthew X profrv at
Wed May 5 23:26:05 PDT 1999

Honeywell in Vietnam with the phoenix program.Nuclear launch 
codes,PROMIS,the rush of Gadarene geeks to the homeland security troughs 
here and in places like China with its  Golden shield...I wish the fuck 
geeks would stay the hell out of politics.
 >>If inventing future technologies makes it more difficult for governments 
to levy high taxes and enforce laws banning consensual activities, well, 
that's a far more dramatic change than we can ever hope to accomplish 
through the political process. In other words, I trust the laws of 
mathematics more than I trust laws created by politicians. Obviously, as I 
said earlier (, I don't recommend 
giving up on all forms of non-coding activism. But let's evaluate the costs 
and benefits, and recognize when our efforts could be better spent 
elsewhere. -Declan <<
Even a CATO cuckoo clocks right twice a day.

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