Manhattan Madrassass Murder Mystery.

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Faith-Based Initiatives
The Manhattan Institute’s Jeremiah Project is an effort to study, promote 
and replicate the work inner-city ministers are doing in reducing youth 
violence and restoring civil society to urban communities across America.
Dr. John DiIulio founded the project while he was a Senior Fellow at the 
Manhattan Institute. Through this effort, the Institute conducts research, 
hosts conferences and shares information on these faith-based organizations 
in order to highlight and replicate the most successful efforts around the 
country. We methodically research their efficacy in the areas of youth 
violence, drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, illiteracy, joblessness and 
other social ills that remain so heavily concentrated in predominantly 
minority, inner-city neighborhoods.
Last year the Institute released two new studies on faith-based 
organizations, in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania’s Center 
for Research on Religion and Urban Civil Society. Good Dads: Religion, 
Civic Engagement, and Paternal Involvement in Low-Income Communities by W. 
Bradford Wilcox shows that residential fathers who are involved in 
religious organizations are significantly more likely to spend time with 
their children and be involved in their children’s activities. The Role of 
African-American Churches in Reducing Crime Among Black Youth, by Dr. Byron 
Johnson, the current Director of the Jeremiah Project, determines that 
religious involvement by African-American youth significantly shields them 
from the effects of neighborhood disorder and decay and reduces the 
potential that they will turn to crime.
Our 1998 conference, Can Churches Save the Inner City?, highlighted 
scientific evidence showing that religious belief and involvement reduces 
juvenile criminality. In 1999, we featured five successful Washington, D.C. 
– based ministries at Faith-Based Approaches to Saving Our Capital’s Youth, 
an event we co-sponsored with Empower America. And in 2000, we joined 
Reverend Herbert H. Lusk, II of the Greater Exodus Baptist Church in 
Philadelphia to host a roundtable entitled Religious Leaders in the Public 
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