Counter-attack scenarios on the net.

Matthew X profrv at
Wed May 5 06:12:06 PDT 1999

ChowderHett...>>PS: I think we're going to *need* counter-attack scenarios 
on the net. Like Whit Diffie said, "infowar" will be fought between 
businesses. Governments are too slow, and not, paradoxically, nearly 
ubiquitous enough to do the job. All we need is bearer cash, :-), and, 
someday, machines even can handle it themselves... <<

Plane murder will happen...again...soon...real soon.The homeland 
einsatztgruppen can seize all the tweezers and nailclippers they like and 
burn them in the town square,(insert inane smiley emoticon for the sake of 
our boston readers.)
Plane murder will happen again. Give every cleartrust TM citizen a fucking 
More beans mr Hettinger?
I think you've had enough.
Where oh where is,after all these stale wasted years is bearer cash? Is 
that a smile :) or a twisted grimace? Whit Diffie's goin' to save us? WTF 
are you smoking?
Has anyone called david Chaum lately?
Witless difucker is head of security for,"you have no privacy get over 
it,yes I donate republican," SUN for fucks sake.
The best defence has been and always will be OFFENCE.Sun Tzu style OFFENCE!
It has been available here in this archive since 1996.Whit fucking shittie 
diffie,the sell out motherfucker is helping pTrei and others build the 
Infowar requires INFOWARRIORS,like bell,CJ and (my trials on s11.)me.
rvroman may be the 4th man.
"Who wants to participate to help form what will be the LAST revolution on 
earth, the one that'll take down ALL the governments? James Dalton Bell."

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