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Wed May 5 04:56:08 PDT 1999 Attack 16: Sweet Ass Butt Kisses
D. Tom Byron. Ashley Blue, Veronica Caine, Nikita Denise, Kinky, Savanna 
Rain, Brooke Daze
The opening montages are working better than ever, but as he winds up the 
lest leg of his illustrious sexual world tour, Tom Byron couldn't go out 
with a bang better than the one he gets with the team of Kinky and Nikita 
Denise. In a scene that establishes both blistering genital and 
ass-to-mouth contact ratio, the ladies join forces to give the Icon's 
arsehole the tongue bath of its life. And for most guys being played for a 
butt trumpet would be a pleasant enough way of ending a day- akin to 
settling back in a rocking chair with a tall mint julep on the veranda at 
sunset. But because he's not a plantation owner but a video company owner 
with a pressing new release schedule, Byron's hot footing it in Denise's 
snatch splitting the beard and fucking her accent loose prio to taking a 
whack at Kinky's vowels and syllables. The British lass is first to get it 
in the ass as Nikita laps the residue off Byron's cock between strokes. 
Kinky reciprocates when it's Nikita's turn for a crowbar in the ass. And 
for the pop shot, both girls have their eager tongues out.

Besides offering the viewer one of the last opportunities he'll have of 
watching a legendary craftsman at work in a woman's rectum, what makes this 
tape particularly noteworthy is the fact that Brooke "no show" Daze and 
hers actually showed up for it. Yes, it's true. No mistaking the Tiffany 
Mynx resemblance, Daze resides in the flesh and Dale Dabone resides in her 
ass before all's said and done. A lusty pile driver with Dale taking the 
shit chute to cocoa town highlights a pairing that caps with another ass to 
mouth finisher.

Very pretty with an asshole as wholesome as her face, Ashley Blue's the 
leadoff girl in this sparking ensemble. Although Blue's tits are near to 
non existent, it's her trimmed vagina that Mark Davis is cuddling up to. 
Then, with a throttling choke hold, Davis is all romance as he handles her 
basically like a marionette on Quaaludes. Ashley displays an unbridled 
vocal enthusiasm for having her snatch French kissed. And with more love 
and kisses in the offing, Mark spits down her throat and fucks her 
esophagus. Their anal time together is also considerable with 
penis-to-mouth love very much a part of the goodwill vibe. No stranger to a 
man being in her ass, or, for that fact, many strangers being in her ass, 
Veronica Caine and Joey Ray re-enact the bun fight at the BM corral. Like a 
man on a mission, the mission being one of excavating a new shit hole, Joey 
runs some major cable through Veronica their best statement being a side 
saddler with a rim-to-maw finale. Savanna Rain, who opts for a black 
evening dress, warns Lee Stone that she's got a tight ass which is like 
warning a huge hand about a small glove. Nevertheless Lee makes it fit and 
Rain's got to quit but only after some wincing gestures, a great pile 
driver and another ATM puts any chance of Rain having second thoughts out 
of the way.

The Porn Industry is a Dirty Business

 From the Palm Beach Post: Six weeks into her new job, Jessica Lee is still 
giddy with her good fortune. ""I work three to five hours a day naked at 
home," says Lee, 24, a UCLA grad living in Miami. "I can't believe the 
money." Lee claims she's making $2,000 a day as an entry-level Internet 
porn star.

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