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Meeting No. 3890
This special AMA Current Issues Forum will dramatically increase your 
knowledge and sophistication about the business challenges and 
opportunities in China. It features a high-level group of experts put 
together by the National Leadership Forum on Global Challenges, a nonprofit 
organization that draws from the American intelligence profession and other 
seasoned professionals who have lived and worked overseas.
October 11, 2002
AMA Executive Conference Center, New York, NY
December 3, 2002
AMA Executive Conference Center, San Francisco, CA
Co-sponsored by the National Leadership Forum on Global Challenges
stuff to my belt.
China suspends approval of new Internet cafes
BEIJING (August 14, 2:47 p.m. EDT) - China has halted all approvals of new 
Internet cafes until the end of this month in the government's latest move 
to control cyberspace, state media said Tuesday.
Your family will be only billed for one bullet.
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