A faster way to factor prime numbers found?

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Tue May 4 00:28:54 PDT 1999

 >>AFICT, the proposed algorithm is for a test for primality and does not 
represent an algorithm to factor composites.<<
 >>Yes, the paper is quite readable. The "futuristic" conjecture is that 
primes can be proved in O(log^3(n)) time, but the algorithm as presented is 
O(log^12(n)) time. The authors admit that present probabalistic algorithms 
are faster. However, it presents a new way to think about the problem, so 
it opens the door for a lot of new research. Time will tell if that leads 
to new factoring algorithms. Is Pollard still interested? Maybe somebody 
should drop off the paper and a new computer at his house :-) <<
Dr Mike.
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