SS "tawdry and sometimes illegal." GET OUT!

Matthew X profrv at
Mon May 3 20:31:15 PDT 1999
Since July 1998, the number of special agents has grown by 705, for a total 
of 2,939 -- a 32 percent increase. The service's budget has exploded since 
1999, growing 75 percent to a proposed $1.05 billion next year.
Jacksons games? "In June, U.S. News & World Report catalogued tawdry and 
sometimes illegal activities by Secret Service agents over 25 years, 
involving sex, drugs, theft, brawling, inebriation and corruption. Four 
agents assigned to Vice President Cheney fought in a San Diego bar, and 
agents on assignment at the Salt Lake City Olympics came under 
investigation about a possible sexual assault on a minor in February. Last 
month, an agent was suspended after he scrawled "Islam is evil, Christ is 
king" on a Muslim prayer calendar during a search of a Michigan suspect's 
home." Fergeddaboudit!

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