October CounteRevolution

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Sun May 2 22:18:37 PDT 1999

Organized by :
·       Public Information Network Security Inspection Bureau, Ministry of 
Public Security of P.R. China
·       Science & Technology Information Institute of Ministry of Public 
Security, P.R. China
·       Information Security Research and Service Institution of the State 
Information Centre
Whoopty doo.Just as the pathetic Bolshevik so called 'revolution' was 
really a coup by a minority authoritarian terrorist cult...October and 
revolution will go together less than October and stock market crash.
Dumb questions dept.
Why isn’t David McBride, regional technology director for Microsoft 
Asia-Pacific, pleased with the researches underway in the field of security?
Moore’s law applies to security concerns: David McBride.
Email your résumé directly to a Recruiter at Microsoft
Get yer ass hauled into vulture culture me heartie's,Arggh!
Dave's not here man.You can tell by the piccy.
"...To me, we're every bit as entrepreneurial as a start up."
If that didn't convince ya cynical basta's.
"Seattle has wonderful amenities and lots of rain as well! What more could 
anyone ask?"
That explains a lot,now why 'new technology' 5 must die in 10 words or less.
APster; who do you want to kill today?

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