The Cpunks do share one characteristic: They are all boys.

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Sun May 2 20:43:12 PDT 1999

Newsweek: Attack on America Front Page 3:09 PM ET Saturday, July ...
... NEWSWEEK Poll: Bush Soars. The president's approval rating equals 
FDR's. FBI Links
USS Cole Bombing and World ... Would restricting crypto have stopped these 
acts? - 46k - Cached - Similar 
pages AD for a crypto free America bought to you by msnbc.
Together, school shooters make a diverse class portrait. They are white, 
black, Hispanic, Asian, Native Alaskan. They were in public schools and 
Christian schools. Few had a mental illness, although many were desperate 
and depressed.
Boys who have killed in America's schools offer a simple suggestion to 
prevent it from happening again: Listen to us.
"...Almost all attackers had come to the attention of someone (school 
officials, police, fellow students) for disturbing behavior. One student 
worried his friends by talking often of putting rat poison in the cheese 
shakers at a pizza restaurant."
Cute.Hold the parmesan.
WEAPONS: Getting weapons was easy. Most of the attackers were able to take 
guns from their homes or friends, buy them (legally or illegally), or steal 
them. Some received them as gifts from parents. More than half had a 
history of gun use, although most did not have a "fascination" with weapons.
"F--- you Brady," Eric Harris wrote in his journal about the Brady gun law. 
"All I want is a couple of guns and thanks to your f------ bill I will 
probably not get any! Come on, I'll have a clean record and I only want 
them for personal protection. It's not like I'm some psycho who would go on 
a shooting spree."
YEAH! and fuck you Mongo,how many disturbed lisp members have you given 

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