FOX 24-Cpunks 97.

Matthew X profrv at
Sun May 2 18:04:11 PDT 1999

The other side of the debate is typified by privacy advocates and e-commerce
interests who feel that the Govt.wants to expand,not just preserve,its
ability to eavesdrop.They believe that fledging mediums like the Internet
will never become economically viable if the people using it don't feel
that their privacy is protected and their data is secure.There are also
concerns about the potential for Govt.abuse of any kind of key recovery
program,or that the key recovery program would itself be insecure,incomplete
and the target of infiltration and hacking.There is an international aspect
to encryption as well,for any artificial stricture on the complexity of
encryption software,(so that the Govt.can still break it should it want
to.)or which reduces its security,(by placing copies of keys in some sort of
escrow account.)ultimately devalues the software and leaves other countries
without such restrictions to devalop industry standards and much better
products.There is also the question as to whether the kind of messages
the Govt.wishes to intercept and decode would ever be transmitted on a
system which belonged to the key recovery program.If other non-recoverable 
were still available to criminals.

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