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Matthew X profrv at
Sat May 1 23:32:36 PDT 1999

Mike Albo writes: Gene: Wow. Those darn homos. Ever since I wrote my little 
commentary on Peter "Matt Ramsey" North's idiotic denials of appearing and 
performing in hard-core gay videos when the tapes are still available to be 
seen, I've been getting weird phone calls at the office and have even had a 
couple of e-mails which, had I opened them, would have unleashed viruses. 
Man, shine a light on the obvious and all heck breaks loose. Heaven forbid 
that someone points out the truth. I'm real sorry that the closeted (and 
not-so-closeted) homos' hero, the, uh, "flamboyant" Mr. Ramsey, has 
disappointed his fans, but maybe they had better take that up with him and 
not me. However I can understand the frustration they must feel at
not being able to vent to Poppin' Pete himself. He's a busy gay...oops, 
GUY. After all, it must take up a great deal of time turning down all those 
$30,000 offers for just one more scene...or trying to come up with 
plausible explanations as to how he ended up in all those gay videos in the 
first place when he never did stuff like that because, as all who know him 
will attest, he's "straight." Might I suggest the following: abduction by 
space aliens who then forced him into gay porn and later erased all memory 
of the events? Maybe he was somnambulistic and did all those movies in a 
state of sleepwalking? Maybe, just maybe,
Mr. Ramsey doesn't mind having his back 40 plowed like last fall's corn 
crop? (For the record, when we did interviews with him for HEVG over the 
years, it was North's usual tactic when the subject of gay videos arose to 
first deny any and all involvement. When confronted with video titles and 
the like, he would suggest that, while he may have made an
appearance here and there, he just did things like "self masturbation" and, 
because he was so gosh-darn special but would refuse to go any further, the 
"gays" created this myth of him doing all this stuff he would never 
consider doing because, as everybody knows, he "likes girls." When the 
interviewer would mention that he or she had actually seen one of the 
Ramsey titles, Peter would then start with his thoroughly entertaining 
stories of how he desperately needed money for any of several reasons--the 
usual being that he owed large sums to "dangerous people" and they "forced" 
him into performing gay sex. Of
course, he would always add that it was a credit to "acting" ability that 
he was able to maintain wood and "complete" the scene with his well-known 
"money shots." Very humorous stuff to hear, really, and I think, when I 
have the time I'll go back through old issues and get all his quotes 
verbatim. Guaranteed to make you laugh until ou can't stand up. Until then, 
though, will all you guys who have lived vicariously through the Liberace 
of XXX and didn't like it when the facts were revealed, please go bother 
Mr. Ramsey-North and leave me out of it. Thanks in advance.
Who gives a fudge? I just saw PN in an old VHS I've had for 
donkeys,"BUTT,Darling," and the guy gets things all right and up tight with 
ebony goddess Jeanie Pepper.
Let he who has even equaled a North pole money shot cast the first

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