FOX Encryption 24-7.

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Sat May 1 17:45:50 PDT 1999

24-3am to 4am. Research files.Encryption.
"Encryption is a means by which a digital message can be coded so that only
the recipient with the proper'key'can decode and understand the message.
Encryption technology has ,in fact,gotten so good that its raised serious
concerns that messages will become unbreakable,thus putting all manner of
criminal activity-from child pornography to espionage to organized crime
communiques-beyond the ability of the investigate.
To address these concerns a key recovery approach called KMI (key management
infrastructure) is being talked about in Washington.KMI is designed to allow
law enforcement to have access to encrypted on an International basis.
es (sic.jacks is?)a flatbed scanner in his car which works like a copy
Theres more...4am to 5,mentions CALEA.5 to 6-the presidents 
analyst.8to9,the SS.
9to10-wireless tracing.10-11- knives.(not 
2-3.Mi5.4-5.Fibre optics.6-7.Power grids 3 way split.9-10.CTU-CIA.
Hate to feed anyones paranoia but a quick KMI search yields...
Applications and Operating Systems Consulting and Technical ...
KMI, a top Microsoft Certified Solution Provider Partner, is a consulting 
company that provides design and planning, implementation, and support of ...
Description: Back Office implementation and support services.
Category: Computers > Consultants > Microsoft - 15k - Cached - Similar pages

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