Its expensive,but its here.

Matthew X profrv at
Wed Mar 31 17:36:41 PST 1999
Quantum encryption for the filthy rich,thats not right.Sorry, I'm not 
actually living in the real world. My imagination tends to get the better 
of me...
"It's OK to tell people I'm crazy," . "You know I'm crazy, right?" 
"mentally ill" and an I.Q. of 70.favorite psychiatric ward at St. Vincent's 
hospital You know, people who have mongoloid babies don't love them any 
less."If I get pinched, all those years in the fucking asylum would be for 
"Quit fucking apologizing for filesharing. Intellectual property is evil, 
filesharing is freedom fighting, and the sooner Jack Valenti is bumming 
quarters for a living, the better. The question is not how to protect 
artists, it is how to muster enough force to protect the right to hack."
favourite slogans at the march included: "All of you - go!!"

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