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Receive An Easy 30-50% Return!

Learn how YOU can receive a monthly check
for 3%, 4%, or even 5% a month until your initial
investment is paid off...then, receive a monthly check
for over 4% a month for years to come!!!

We know it sounds impossible,
but it's happening today!

In the Merchant Services Business!

What's that?  
You know those little black boxes where businesses swipe
your credit cards?  That's called P.O.S.
That stands for "Point of Sale Technology"!

And, these numbers you are reading here are verifiable!
This multi-trillion dollar industry in which our business
will supply credit cards, debit cards, check verification,
funds transfer, prepaid cell phones, prepaid phone cards,
bill payment, and many other services for the consumer in
the retail environment...with plenty of growth ahead.

Success P.O.S. will professionally manage and service
your business daily!

Established and Proven Locations are available NOW Nationwide!
Do not wait until it is too late!

To find out how you can participate and achieve a monthly
income of between 3% and 5% (30% to 50% yearly) with a
relatively small investment, just contact us now at:

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