On the outright laughability of "Internet Bearer Underwriting"

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Fri Apr 30 23:22:37 PDT 1999

Without Mongo(who's buying some second hand couches in porn valley,btwSEE 
chowderHETT has worked up some head of steam.
 >>In short, sir, please to fuck off, until you actually know what > you're 
talking about. <
Now hett if that was to happen this list would completely clam up.If 
fisherpersons knew what they were doing where would the outer banks be 
today? The Black sea?See?
When your IBU get's up then you can pay someone to get us to fuck off.(to 
the trust territories?)
I want your IBU to get up.don't get me wrong,no one more than me wants to 
see anonymous e-cash in wide (and APster) use.You and Mongo are high on my 
personal hitlist if for no other reason than being insufferable terminal 
and crashing bores.
If anyone fucks with Jims encrypted election donation's scheme,they know 
what'll happen.Messing with the international vote,(if we ever need 
one.)will be the equivalent of suicide.IBU requires APster...and 
remailers/mints/cryptoanarchy.Wake up.

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