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anarchist magazine from Aotearoa/New Zealand. We apologise for the delay in 
getting this issue up on the web.
Contents include:
- People's Global Action - We are Everywhere even Aotearoa. An important 
international decentralised anti-capitalist network that has a branch right 
here in Aotearoa.
(Note: Since we published no.23, it has been announced there will be a PGA 
Aotearoa nationwide conference in November 9-10 in Wellington this year. 
This will most probably be the biggest gathering of direct action, 
anti-capitalist groups in Aotearoa for some time).
- People's Global Action - Analysis: A New International?
- Direct Action versus the Wellington inner city bypass. A brief 
documentation of working class community resistance.
- Wildcat strikes in Aotearoa
- Mayday reports from around Aotearoa
- Anarchy in the R.K. part two - a look at anarchism in South Korea from 
1961 to the present day by a NZer who visited Korea
- Auckland housing occupation
- Anti-war, anti-Israeli state protests in Aotearoa
- The true story behind the mayday anti-capitalist invasion of Wellington
and some international news we couldn't squeeze into the printed issue of 
thrall specially for our website readers:
- Sydney Mayday report
- London Mayday report
The Thrall website has also been substantially updated to include new links 
to texts, radical history, and analysis people may be interested in.
If you are overseas and wish to receive the printed version of Thrall, you 
can subscribe if you send us a donation to the address below. Send us 
well-concealed cash (Aus $, US$ etc.). We appreciate donations as well, as 
we distribute our magazine for free.
Cheers, Fydd for the Thrall collective.
PO Box 22-076
e-mail: thrallnet at
website: " target=_blank
... Ultima Thule The highest or uttermost point or degree attained or 
attainable, the
acme, limit; the lowest limit, the nadir. The most distant unknown land. ...

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