The RANT corporation

Matthew X profrv at
Fri Apr 30 20:15:21 PDT 1999

CATO sure has some flakes but a la rouchian in the RAND! Quelle fromage!
""I would be hesitant to give too much credit to this recent briefing. It 
is very significant that the president, secretary of state and defense 
secretary have stated that this person's individual 'musings' did not 
reflect US policy. It is also important to point out that the Rand 
Corporation has also stated that this person's opinion did not represent 
their thinking".
Ambassador to Saudi Arabia,Jordan.
"Investors should also feel secure in the president's firm statements that 
top executives of companies that violate the law will be prosecuted, tried 
and if convicted could go to jail."
Like his pappy threatened to throw all those silverado type shysters 
inside,"read my lips!"
"On 9/11 we will remember the solidarity of the Saudi people..."
No smart assed comment.I am having some sort of seizure...

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