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She's Elin Nordgren? Check collars and cuffs.
and Byrons,the Texas Jordan?
The Icon Hangs 'Em Up
If you saw the Kevin Costner movie For the Love of the Game, there's a 
scene where Costner, during the course of a ballgame, throws his arm out 
and at that point knows his 19 year career as a pitcher is over. Costner in 
true movie fashion, though, finishes to pitch a perfect game. Tom Byron had 
a similar moment yesterday during the run of a sex scene. Contrary to movie 
fashion, Byron took himself out of the scene he was doing with Kitten and 
let her finish it up with her off camera beau, Mark Davis and Monique. 
Byron said he was happy it ended that way because it turned into a whale of 
a threesome.
Byron: I don't want to be like Zupko and announce my retirement for the 
300th time. And this is not a 'work' as they like to say in the wrestling 
business. It's been coming on for the last couple of years. I just got to 
the point where, I don't want to say burnout, but the fact-of-the-matter is 
that I'm 41 years old. I put in my 20. Now it's time to collect the 
pension. And thankfully I'm in a position where I'm able to do that.
And a thing a lot of people don't know, I have arthritis in both my knees 
and lower back- very likely as a result of contorting my body in weird 
positions so the camera can see the penetration and stuff like that. I 
guess I had that moment of clarity yesterday. I was doing a scene for my 
new series Black Attack. It was with Kitten. I'm attracted to her, and was 
really looking forward to banging her. But, I don't know. All of a sudden I 
realized I wanted to fuck her, but I didn't want the camera there. It's 
been a steady progression over the past few years since I entered the 
business arena. Even from the time I started directing, that was ultimately 
as a means to and end, which was to retire gracefully. Not overstay my 
welcome. I've got to say over the past couple of years, with rare 
exceptions, I've just kind of gone through the motions. You see it on tape, 
and it's edited, and it looks like I'm going to town. But it's become sort 
of a mechanical act for me.
And I want my private sex life back. I've shared my penis and my legendary 
balls for the last 20 years. Now I'm shy and I don't want to share them 
anymore. For the last few years, I've been saying this, I enjoy the first 
ten minutes of a scene. Then after that I get lost in that place. I say to 
myself, oh my God this girl's sucking my dick and licking my ass, but after 
that I know I still have to get another 20 or 30 minutes of footage. That's 
when I'm editing in my head, thinking how I'm going to cut this thing 
together. I just don't want to do that anymore. It's been a great 20 years 
and everything but I don't want to overstay my welcome. And I think I've 
come to point in my life where, knock on wood, I'm financially able to do 
something like that. A lot of people have to stay in the business and in 
front of the camera because that's what keeps on paying their bills.
Gene: You're a private guy, you're introspective and dare I say, a bit of a 
Byron: A lot of that was from wrestling with this decision. It's a big 
decision on my part because my sex life has been documented on film. And it 
got me into the homebody introspection. I think in some weird way I'm 
embarrassed almost that everyone knows what my dick looks like.
Gene: Well, definitely we know what the balls look like.
Byron: But by no means am I ashamed or put down by what I've done. Nor do I 
think I'm better than anyone else that's ever done it before me or who will 
do it in the future. I want to be more outgoing. I want to be taken more 
seriously as a businessman. I'm co-owner of Extreme Associates and XPW 
wrestling but I'm still looked on as that guy who does the fuck films. I 
want to get more into that arena and learn more about that side of the 
business than I have. I've gotten an immeasurable amount of knowledge in 
the last five years by being involved with Extreme. But I want to delve 
into that more and be looked on as a businessman. However, I'm still going 
to direct. I'm still going to shoot and edit.
As far as my series, that's it for Lord of Asses. I may start a new chapter 
with some new series. While Whack Attack has the brand recognition, I may 
start something different. And it'll still be the same thing except for the 
fact that I won't be on camera. It'll still be a Tom Byron movie with the 
camera work and editing. And by any means I don't know if this is a 
permanent thing. I may take a year off and decide I want to come back and 
do this thing. Or in the course of a scene you never know. Now that the 
pressure's off, if I get horny during a scene- and it could happen- I might 
want to whip it out and get a blowjob. What I might do, for shits and 
giggles, is an occasional non-sex appearance. And I'm going to put my name 
out there for other companies. If you pay my exorbitant rate, I have script 
approval and it's a good movie overall, I will consider doing a non-sex 
performance to lend my celebrity to a production. But I've got to do it 
first for Zupko who's been bugging for the last couple of years. I've had a 
SAG card for the last 15 years, maybe I'll get into mainstream. I don't 
know. I never really sought that but other people have done it. Maybe I'll 
give that a shot, too.
You mentioned being introverted, well maybe that part of me is going to 
change, too. Largely as a result of this. Mark Davis has a birthday party 
Saturday night. I'll go to that. I went to Night of the Stars. It was good 
seeing a lot of the people there. That was fun even though I had too much 
vodka and was really loaded towards the end of the night. But we had a 
limo. I just want to be more out there. I want to be the ambassador of 
Extreme- maybe not as ubiquitous as Ron Jeremy. Here's a guy that doesn't 
perform that much anymore, but he's still that entity because he's out 
everywhere. Every porno event you see happening, there's Ron Jeremy. Oh, 
this must be the place to be because Ron Jeremy's here. I want to start 
being more like that. I just want to begin a new chapter in my life.
Gene: You have mentioned on several occasions that Viagra's what kept you 
in the game.
Byron: By all means. If it wasn't for Viagra I would have been making this 
announcement at least a couple of years ago. And that's what's kept me in. 
But yesterday that didn't even work. There are some guys who use it every 
time they do a scene, some of whom are doing two scenes a day. First of 
all, the shit causes real bad heartburn. I got heartburn like a 
motherfucker. And your vision gets kind of blurry and blue. It's not 
something that I would need in my private life but it's something that I 
pretty much have come dependent on just to get me through that extra 20 or 
30 minutes of footage.
Gene: That we might have it for the record, who was the first girl that you 
ever worked with?
Byron: I wish I could remember. I think that was the only scene she did, or 
she might have done one other movie. Some transient girl. I really don't know.
Gene: We needed a chronicler back then.
Byron: Yeah. There was no Internet, no AVN. There was barely a Hustler back 
then because Larry was still locked up in his bedroom before he had laser 
surgery on his back. Actually the chronicler back then was Bobby Hollander. 
He was the one who started Adult Cinema Review.
Gene: Like you might ask of Michael Jordan, is this really it?
Byron: If I make a comeback announcement, don't be surprised. Better yet, 
don't hold your breath.

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