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MI5 and MI6 are the world's oldest secret intelligence agencies. They began 
in 1909 with the formation of a military section (MOT, which became MI5) 
and a naval section (M1-1C, later MI6).
Captain Vernon Fell was the first head of MI5, a post he retained for 
thirty years. Fell was a xenophobic racist who believed that genuine 
British people "are sorry for any of our women folk who marry a foreigner". 
He set about compiling an "Alien Register" of all foreigners in the 
country; by 1914 it had details of 16,000 people on its files.
Iggy pops singin',"I'm bored." terrific. "I'm the chairman of the 
"MI5 installed Lord Tredegar, a well-known falconer, on the south coast of 
England with his birds as part of the Falcon (Interceptor) Unit with 
instructions to hunt down any suspicious-looking carrier pigeons that might 
pass by. MI5 later had Lord Tredegar imprisoned in the Tower of London for 
revealing his work to a fellow peer."
The original 'Falcon.'
"MI5's interrogation centre for enemy agents during the war was at 
Latchmere House, run by Colonel Stephens, who was greatly disliked within 
the service for his "almost Nazi behaviour and vile temper." One prisoner 
was beaten nearly to death and there were several suicides and attempted 
suicides in the cells.
MI5 commenced Operation Double Cross, which involved "turning" German 
agents into working for British intelligence. There was, however, an 
element of "triple cross" to the system, with agents still secretly working 
for the Abwehr. Throughout the war, MI5 was at the centre of a series of 
blunders and misinterpretation of information, which led to several 
disasters in planning against German forces. For example, a captured map of 
the German invasion of France was dismissed as a fake."
An army officer later to work in intelligence with Mi5 and ASIS,charles 
ellis,was later found to have sold the allied order of battle to the 
Abwehr.After the war he sold INT to the KGB.Shit happens.
"British intelligence made a deal with Nazi war criminal Joseph Mengele for 
his records of the Nazis' development of the nerve gases Sarin, Tabun and 
Soman. Soon afterwards, Mengele's brother, father and co-researcher were 
all released from custody and allowed to resume their civilian employment 
without regard to their Nazi pasts; Mengele himself was allowed to emigrate 
to Argentina."
Dont mess with those precursors,jimmy! Speaking of precursors,this ones 
"In Iran, a popular nationalist leader Mohammed Mossadeq had become prime 
minister in 1951 and was seeking to nationalise the British-owned 
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company - the most powerful economic institution in the 
country. A joint MI6/CIA operation was mounted to depose Mossadeq and 
restore power to the pro-western Shah of Iran. MI6 provided a network of 
agents inside Iran; the CIA supplied $2 million and arms. A campaign of 
covertly-funded propaganda and bribery culminated in August 1953 with the 
overthrow of Mossadeq by army leaders in the pay of Western intelligence. 
The Shah always subsequently maintained close links with British 
intelligence during his reign of brutal dictatorship."
"...a group of paranoid MI5 officers (notably Arthur Mann and Peter Wright) 
became convinced that a Soviet mole was present in the senior ranks of MI5 
- possibly even the Director General himself, Roger Hollis. However the 
case against Hollis (who retired from MI5 in 1965) was largely 
circumstantial and the case was never proved. The obsessive mole-hunter 
Peter Wright left the service an embittered man; still convinced of Hollis' 
Hollis helped set up ASIO. The CSIS and ASIO spy on you,(if your a septic.) 
Your NSA /CIA/ FBI spy on us.Its called ECHELON.Great model in some ways 
for APster.Responsibility is always offshore and deniable,cascading agencies.

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