Laptops a go go.

Matthew X profrv at
Thu Apr 29 14:02:32 PDT 1999

The seven Attorney General agencies that saw computer equipment do a 
disappearing act in 2001 were; the Australian Bureau of Criminal 
Investigation, Australian Federal Police, ASIO, Family Court, National 
Crime Authority, National Native Title Tribunal and the Department of 
Public Prosecution, spokesperson for the Attorney General, Catherine 
Fitzpatrick confirmed.
Fitzpatrick also said that the fact that all the agencies concerned had 
"very good encryption" meant confidential information couldn't have gone 
astray. "If you're not the user of that laptop, you'll not be able to 
access it," she said.
However, Labor said this explanation was unsatisfactory and didn't take 
into consideration the fact that computer equipment could be stolen 
internally for personal use. "How do we know the person responsible for the 
laptop didn't take it?" asked Senator Lundy's spokesperson.
The federal Opposition said that resumption of Senate Estimates on February 
18 would give it the opportunity to enquire further about the missing 
laptops and ask questions such as how much the replacement value of the 
equipment would cost the taxpayer and whether or not police investigations 
were being conducted into the vanishing computers.,2000024993,20262975,00.htm

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