Frankly Tommy F is a McDill.(Lost laptops flap)

Matthew X profrv at
Thu Apr 29 12:17:36 PDT 1999

Drop in the ocean,
When Golitsin was shown files detailing appalling security breaches he 
would ask what the officer responsible was doing now.
"Same job,"he would be told.
Golitsin would then ruminate for a few days then announce he was sure the 
man was a traitor.
"But why,Anatole?"
Because in KGB,failure is serious offense,you would not be trusted and 
maybe he then thinks of turning."
"But thats not the how its done in the west,we don't act like that...except 
in the FBI."
Golitsin looked blank,he was almost devoid of humor.
Spycatcher,page 318.Peter Wright.

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