Cryobrain Leitels bush-eugene condensate.

Matthew X profrv at
Thu Apr 29 12:04:21 PDT 1999

 >>I don't try to filter<<

Not much:) That archive over there does not exist.Don't go there.(I have an 
brother called Ruprecht who impersonates me evil twin? You 
kill me Leitel.
You'd give stand up comic Clinton a run for his money.What, were you 
SLEEPWALKING! Drank some liquid nitrogen? WHAT?

 >>I don't try to filter, but to join several sources. <<

Oh,so you just get into a lynch mob with fruit loops like jamesd 
occasionally,join several extralarge sources and mailbombs away? I think I 
get it,Filter feeders cant be to discriminating,right? Your an idiot, but 
at least an intelligent one. I can't leave you out without creating a 
skewed picture of what is going on.Chill brother.

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