Disabled man who "stalked" police convicted,sentenced.

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Wed Apr 28 15:46:01 PDT 1999

A ONE-LEGGED man who stalked a young policeman using loud Irish music was 
yesterday sentenced to three months in jail.

But the prison term was suspended for two years by magistrate James Mornane 
because of the man's age and disability.
The Melbourne Magistrates' Court heard Constable Paul Sorbain was angered 
and scared after the man, whom he had previously dealt with, was seen on 
several occasions parked in a car in front of his home.
Constable Sorbain said he even started to question his decision to join the 
police force when the problems started between Christmas and New Year's Day 
last year.
He told the court he had visited David Baldwin, 58, of Flemington, about 
damage to Baldwin's car.
But he said he became concerned when he saw Baldwin out the front of his 
suburban house in a red four-wheel drive, playing loud Irish music.
The court heard Constable Sorbain had heard the loud music previously but 
thought nothing of it. The policeman's partner, Fiona McCall, told the 
court they were even advised to keep a piece of paper by their bed to keep 
track of the events.
The court heard Baldwin took a photograph of Constable Sorbain on one 
The policeman said he decided to confront the man on January 13 this year, 
when he saw him parked in front of his house when walking home from work.
He said he asked him what he was doing before telling him to f--- off.
"My concern is for myself and my partner," Constable Sorbain told the court.
Sgt Martin Hardy said police officers found several pieces of paper with 
car registration numbers - linked to the Flemington police station - when 
they arrested Baldwin at his home on January 13.
He said people's addresses and times were also written on pieces of paper 
that were found in the man's kitchen and car.
Sgt Hardy said a tape of Irish music and a camera were seized as evidence 
and a Melways book was found with a page book-marked, which showed where 
the policeman lived. 

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