Encrypted DNA.

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Wed Apr 28 15:39:35 PDT 1999

Our meme shears technology is pressing ahead here at chez rat.One of the 
most fascinating and controversial aspects of WILE,(the remailer part of 
cryptoS),is the use of encrypted DNA.Solutions that work across multiple 
locations, and are flexible enough to handle new security concerns, depend 
upon the prior development of a common biometric trust infrastructure.
That this can only happen under cryptoanarchy is a given.Varying levels of 
access to the DNA information are assumed in the acceptance statement of 
WILE.Beta testing revealed a high uptake,most being click throughs,not even 
reading the agreement.Once in remailer motion the fully identifying DNA can 
only be pulled down in several clearly specified events and based on a 
protocol that consists of zero-knowledge proofs, undeniable signatures and 
oblivious transfers.
a) Life threatening disease/illness by the users Dr.(s)
b) APster contracts seeking confirmation of nominee and their demise.
c) Abusers of the CJD Mint technology.Much of this is fully automated 
relying on random audits of large transfers and culling high and low 
samples of users.This technology requires the user to literally 'use it or 
lose it.'
Collapse of Govts MUST occur before full release of CryptoS,that CS is 
itself possibly the best way to bring them all down is the irony of our 
time.APster alone or with widespread social revolution in the streets may 
not do the job.Please send money so we can bring the international GUI to 
version 1.Become a part of Hirstory.
You know it makes sense.$$ to unit 8/59 Baynton st.Kyneton.Vic.3444.

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