Homeland securities new agency;Ministerium für Statessicherheit.

Matthew X profrv at nex.net.au
Wed Apr 28 13:07:15 PDT 1999

"Including informants, the Stasi at one point would number one operative 
for every 66 East German citizens; so ruthless and efficient were they in 
their efforts to squelch dissent that even the KGB found itself 
occasionally appalled by the Stasi's methods."
"Both IBM and Texas Instruments unknowingly employed Stasi spies who 
gathered information about computers and communications apparatus. Another 
group had developed a unique particle spray, similar to a chemical weapon, 
to spread over enemy communication stations and disrupt correspondence in 
case of war."
"Can you imagine a police informer for ever 6.5 persons in the country? All 
phones tapped. All packages/letters
from the "outside" world opened and usually kept (stolen). Can you imagine 
spending your life in a 6x6 cell in total
isolation. One young man (38y/o) lived for 9yrs, till his death, like that. 
Six medical students spent 3 to 11yrs in
prison just for applying for a VISA! "
Its getting easier.

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